Saturday, 18 August 2012

“Ek Tha Tiger”, More a Love story than Action movie, but A Good entertainment...

As an audience I must say its good Time Pass, must watch if you are Salman or Katrina fan. It has too many positive factors which supports movie.
  1. Action: Very fresh and different action sequences and fight scenes, especially in comparison to Indian movie (not with Hollywood ones). You would love some of the fight sequences of Salman and Katrina both.
  2.  Locations: Too good, locations used in movie are new and as beautiful as Katrina on screen.
  3. Katrina: She is beautiful and is one of the USP of the movie, YRF work very hard on the look of their Heroines and you can see it in the movie.
  4. Salman: Though Salman is best highlight of the movie, but I can’t keep him at no. one here, he is very good in acting and action, but first three overshadow him.

In short, Very good action from SALMAN & KATRINA Both, beauty from Katrina & Director( I mean locations).As a critics I want to mention some factors which disappoint slightly.

  1. Paring: Leading Pair look not so appealing on screen in some of the romantic scenes of first half due to obvious age difference, but they complement each other very well in second half action sequences.
  2. Pace & Length: Movies first half concentrate more on Love story then action where movies go slow, esp. Banjara Song, their Romance does not appeal too much due to  obvious age difference and not so good acting of Katrina, it has some dull moment here, though director tried to put some comedy but couldn’t work. Second Half is very good in pace but end bit early, it has some of the very best action scenes of  SALMAN & KATRINA both. So in short First half has loose pace and second half finish bit early.
      Over all a very good attempt but could be better.

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