Friday, 10 August 2012

Gangs of Wassaypur2, movie Review

Good Movie, but may spoil your time if not of your favorite genre…

As a Critic, I must say it is a very good movie of its type, Violence, Conspiracy, family revenge, Power Game, too much of Gunshots Blood & GALIs & typical Bihar/Jharkhand culture, all of these in appropriate proportion. Good Acting, very good Direction, some funny scenes, some very violent scenes & some dull moments too. Movie has too many characters, though that supports its flow too. All in all a good movie of its kind, but I must say GOW1 was better in most of the aspects. USP of the movie is Direction & Acting esp. the protagonist but every one very good and that is quite obvious in Anurag Kashyap’s movie. Songs or good as freaky caller Tunes but not as typical movie songs, my personal choice is “FRUSTAIO NAHI MORA”.

As an audience, I want to say it is not a full time Pass movie, not a very entertainment type of movie, will not suggest going with small child because of language and some very violent scenes esp. the climax.

In Short it’s a good movie only if you like street action movie with family revenge drama for political power, but if you are going for time pass or with a different expectation, please thinks again.

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