Friday, 24 August 2012

Tiger Temple Thailand


Today I visited Tiger Temple and want to tell you all about it. It is around 200km north from Bangkok and takes 3 hrs of drive, taxi charges are 2500 THB(85 USD), Ticket charges are 600 THB which includes your normal photo clicks like touching the back of a resting Tiger.there are some additional activities as below

  1. Special Photo click which allow you to click photo with the head in you nap, again a resting tiger only. It's charges are 1000 THB extra.
  2. Cub Feeding Program, it is 45 minute milk feeding to cub by a group of maximum 6 person in one round and only such 4 groups can go in a day as per schedule of milk feeding of the cubs. Its costs 1000THB per person and need pre booking that available on
  3. Morning Exercise Program, its morning program where you can play with tiger while he is bathing and playing, it charges are 5000 THB but it need early morning entry.
Prices are seems to be very high but reasonable due to high cost of this animal care as well some trained staff requirement due to safety.

My photographs of the day are here,

Let me tell its a very different experience if you are a wild life lover and vicinity of a tiger fascinate you. Unfortunately I missed the morning exercise and cab feeding program because of incomplete information.
But dont miss it if you plan to go Bangkok any time, I will also try to be here again.

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