Thursday, 20 September 2012

Its a real incident of my life, any BigB Fan will love it.


It is my real life incident and trust you’ll find it interesting ;)

During the early days of my DT Engineering career, I was deployed at Tamil Nadu and had one associated South Indian Person as my junior. We got to share the hotel room which was not a problem for either of us, but agreeing to watch a common TV channel in evening was a major issue of argument. Both of us were movie freaks but both were die-hard fans of different star, Me, A big time follower and fan of AMITABH BACHCHAN and he held similar feelings for RAJNIKANT.  Eventually the channel argument was converted into “Who is Bigger or Better Star” argument.

It continued for 4-5 days; we tried to prove our star Better and Bigger by several references, facts, news etc. It was like a mini cold war going on between both of us. But I had some flexible stand, I was ready to accept Rajnikant a Bigger star but not a Better actor, but for him Rajnikant is bigger as well better.  Comparing Amit Ji with Kamal Hassan was still justified since Kamal Hassan is an equally better actor but for me Rajnikant was not at all comparable with Amitabh Bachan. In case stardom is what matters most to him then it is better to compare Rajnikant with Shahrukh but alas he was not ready to accept any word from me. Then it ended one day with my single comment, he was speechless because that made him to accept what I wanted to say.

I asked him if he accept that all Amit Ji, Rajni Ji, Kamal Hassan and Shahrukh are very big star and everyone have huge fan following. He completely agreed. Then I asked him if he accepts there are few people who don’t like Rajnikant and some don’t like Shahrukh too. He again agreed. Then I asked him if he know any person who doesn’t like Kamal Hassan or who doesn’t like Amitabh Bachan, I gave him freedom to lie and to include himself too. But he could not say yes, and was speechless. It is the difference that I wanted to prove.

Though I know it was a bit childish as none of these names can’t be compared with each other. But as a Fan we some time we do.

I hope you like it, and please don't mind if you are big fan of Rajni Sir or SRK.

Kripal Tripathi

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