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Voting may change India's Future: A Query/Suggestion Regarding Voting

Voting may change India's Future: A Query/Suggestion Regarding Voting

Kripal Tripathi <> Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 8:26 AM

I am a common man of India, busy in earning my BnB and trying to give my family good life.
But I am really very disappointed with the political inefficiency & Corruption, and dream to have it changed like every honest Indian do.

But this dream can not be turned to reality unless, The Indian Public will start taking active part in the Political
system, Though we can not think of all the honest person to stand in elections, we can think of all
the intellectuals to take active part in Indian politics by casting their vote. Yes I am dreaming of huge voting %, not just 30-40% but the figures in 90-95%.

It can be possible, and I am dreaming of it, and have some queries and suggestions which can really increase
the voting percentage close to 100%.

1. Can a person registered in a constituency other then its present constituency cast his vote for
his registered Constituency?
This can be sound irrational or unimportant for implication, but if it is implemented as Yes it will increase the
voting significantly. In present scenario every small city has too many families or I should say neculear families
which have shifted into big metros due to the Job requirement, but they are still attached to those small cities as their parents still based to that small city. Those families treat their metro address as temporary one and permanent address to their basic parental home. These families visit every Holi-Diwali to their parental home.
They don't consider that metro their home untill they buy a house there or after 10-12 yrs. After that only think of ration card, though start using Gas connection or Bank account in that metro. But even after many years they never think of Voter registration or casting of their vote. They enjoy Polling date as holiday, but somewhere in their deep heart the feel guilty for not casting their vote. They want to cast to their vote but three main reason which I could identify and refrain them for are "NO SENSE OF BELONGING TO PRESENT CONSTITUENCY", "NOT ENOUGH TIME from their professional life to visit home and that just for Vote" & "frequent relocation from one metro to another".

Mentioning again that it may sound irrational but if we count, it will be a huge figure, and it is not just a story
of few metros & towns but same is the story of Towns & Villages.

Me as experience the same want this to change, I want to cast my vote for every small Election in KANPUR, GOVIND NAGAR, But I live in GURGAON, and cant even vote here as I used to relocate in another metro, every one or two year.

Possible Solution:
Every Metro or significantly sized town should have some booth, where such person can cast their vote for the other constituency.
Though I understand it is not easy to implement as it need proper verification of the voter and it need ballet paper or EVM of their Home constituency.
But that problem can be easily managed if Voters will be given some period to get them verify at their local, close to their home, and Internet can be a easy and effective tool for ballet/EVM of home constituency.

Voting has power to change the future of my/our country, it can change the mindset of
the politicians as well as voters, it may create threat to a corrupt politicians, it will force a minister to
have second thought before favoring a biased decision.

Please think of this and let me know if this or anything of this kind can be implemented or already in
process. I will feel myself meaningful if could use myself as a medium to spread this information and
finally could contribute something to a better future of my country.

Waiting for your Response and will keep posting if find something more.

Thanks & Regards
Kripal Tripathi

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